Excellent workmenship by highly trained professionals!


40x48 Decora

Maple Lane Loudonville, NY




Sunset Blvd., Colonie, NY

34x22 Icescapes

VanCurler Avenue, Schenectady, NY



34x24 Decora

Sunrise Blvd., Rotterdam, NY

42x24 Decora

N. Grand, Cobleskill, NY


32x16 Decora

Normanside Avenue, Delmar, NY


34x22 Decora

Glendale Avenue, Delmar, NY



36 x 24 Decora

Lincoln Avenue, Delmar, NY

36x22 Decora

Dutch Meadows Lane, Rexford, NY



32x20 Decora

Belmont Circle, Cobleskill, NY

36x12 Decora

Oakwood Drive, East Greenbush, NY



60x40 Decora

Wye Street Troy, NY

34x20 Decora

Parkwood Blvd., Schenectady, NY


32x22 Vue

Johnsonville Road, Johnsonville, NY


32x14 Decora

Killean Pk., Colonie, NY


30x12 Decora

Pepper Lane, Loudonville, NY


36x24 Icescapes 

Louis Drive, Albany, NY



32x16 Decora

Park Ave, Latham, NY

32x16 Icescapes

Elliott Sreet, Scotia, NY


72x24 Decora

Albion Avenue, Albany, NY


30 x 12 Icescapes Solid


32 x 16 Decora w/Dryer Vent


34 x 22 Icescapes w/18 x 8 Vent

32 x 16 Decora w/16 x 8 Vent


This shoulder-length curl, the length of hair extensions uk the hair needs to be over-shouldered, so that after the burn, it is just flush with the human hair shoulders, it looks full and has a good fluffy effect. The bangs are also hot into the popular eight-character remy hair models, and then one The brown hair color, the whitening effect is nothing to say, and the fashion sense is human hair extensions uk rising straight, and it is a shoulder-length hairstyle that is tape hair extensions very interesting.


Camisetas hockey baratas

Before and After Photos

30 x 20 Decora Columbia Street, Hudson, NY








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